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Adventures are an additional way to gain benefits for your empire and your heroes. They serve to test your troops and formations. They are also intended to exercise the game mechanics for empires that are just starting to play Empire Strike.

Your heroes will enter a map with several levels. If the hero wins the battle, it will count as if he had won the battle against another player, so he will get gold and the corresponding points for the victory.

Adventures are at empire level, i.e. you can start the adventure with one hero and finish it with another.

Types of quests

  • There are two types of levels: city or hero.
  • Each level takes place on a certain terrain, which can benefit or hinder you a lot in battle.
  • The heroes you will face are of a specific race, but the troops you carry can be combined between different races (something unconventional in the game). The same happens with the cities to attack.
  • There is no possibility of conquering those cities or capturing those heroes, since they do not belong to any player's empire.
  • As your heroes complete the levels of the adventures, the adventures will become more and more difficult, with better prepared cities, more powerful heroes and higher level troops.

Start the quests

To go to the adventures screen you can go to the main page of your empire:


Also from the screen of each of your heroes:


If you have not yet started the adventure in a game you will get this screen:


Once you hit Start your hero will be positioned on the first level. Upon completion, he will immediately jump to the next adventure on the map.


Attacking and characteristics

  • To be able to attack a city or a hero you must have at least 500 troop levels, and at most 5% more than the troops required for that level.
  • If you lose the attack the adventure will enter protection time, and you won't be able to attack again that same level until the indicated time has passed, unless you use rubies to stop the time (the shorter the time, the less rubies).
  • When the protection time elapses, you will be able to enter the quests and continue from where you left off to continue advancing in the map.
  • You will get the gold corresponding to the battle, as well as the hero experience and the 8 points for the victory, which are not considered when calculating the war index of your empire.
  • Moving troops to your hero and returning them to the city from where you took them will cost you 1 turn.
  • Adventures consume only 1 turn per attack, so they are ideal for practicing the game mechanics without consuming so many turns.
  • Unlike conventional attacks, in adventures the heroes will always be motivated, both yours and the enemy's, so they will use the skills you have obtained when leveling them up and the magics you have bought in case you use a priest or mage.
  • You will be presented with situations where you will have to think carefully about which troops to attack with and use various baits in the formation. Experiment and learn!
  • Formations defending each adventure level can be spied using turns or rubies, this will help you think about which troops to attack them with to achieve victory and move up to the next challenge on the map.
  • Share with your friends the formations that worked for you and exchange information on your progress to compete and see who can get the furthest!
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