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The heroes are a fundamental piece in this game since together with their troops will be the one in charge of attacking other empires trying to achieve the victory.

Types of Heroes

  • Warrior: These heroes display better than any other their combat attributes, so they will be a sure investment of massacres in every battle.

  • Thief: They are not as effective dealing blows as warriors but they are better than Priests and Mages. The real strong point of the thieves is that in the won fights they get more gold than usual. They can be a good ally to obtain other things that need gold in your empire.

  • Priest: They are bad in combat, but can learn spells based on protecting our troops, healing and mind control. They can also cast destructive global magics (against an entire clan) or beneficial global magics (on your own clan). There are players who know how to use them very well, mainly attacking with many troops (motivated) when the hero has some special abilities and using additional karma to increase energy and cast more magics during combat. A good well balanced priest, with several special abilities and learned magics should have no problem in bringing victories for your empire.

  • Mage: They are lousy in combat, but learn direct damage spells and empowerment of accompanying troops early on. A mage can be disastrous at low levels, but as he levels up he will undoubtedly be respected. He can also cast global destructive magics (against an entire clan) or evolutions (on your clan). As with the priests, you must take special care when developing him and make sure he always attacks motivated.

Their function in the game

The heroes are an essential part for the conquest of new cities because with them and a good army we can attack them successively (siege) until the conquest is achieved. The heroes increase in level, gaining special abilities, and learning magics. They can also perform Quests, which are adventures from which they will return with gold and resources, as well as gaining experience to level up and become more powerful. If you are in a clan and you agree to cast evolutions (mana magic) your heroes will level up very quickly.

Demotivation rule: Heroes need a minimum number of troops according to their level to avoid being demotivated. In each hero's sheet you can see how many troops he needs to attack motivated. An unmotivated hero will attack -60% less times, with -50% damage, will not use his special abilities and will only cast level 1 and 2 magics.

Demotivation occurs in the following way: As in cities, not all heroes become demotivated, from Level 5, every hero will start to need a minimum of troops. At Level 5 the minimum is 1,500, at the next level it is already 3,000, and so on, increasing by 1,500 per level that rises (e.g.: a hero N10 will need 9,000 levels of troops to not fall in demotivation). This point is of special importance. If you see that your enemy has a level 10 hero and you defend your city with 15,000 troop levels, be careful, because he can attack you with his motivated hero and destroy you. Maybe you should think about preventing him from attacking you motivated, as long as your city is motivated and has enough troops defending.

There is one exception to this rule: Orc race heroes. These heroes require only 50% of the troops needed by the rest of the heroes in order not to be demotivated. Thus, for these heroes it will be 750 levels at Level 5, 1,500 for Level 6 and so on.

Capturing heroes: Just as it happens when attacking cities, when attacking a hero there is a probability that he will be captured along with his troops. This is calculated as follows:

  • There is a 15% base -1% for every 4 levels of the hero, -1% for every 4 points in Speed. In addition -1% is subtracted for every 2 levels that the attacking hero is lower than the defending one. The minimum so far is set to 5%. Capturing a thief is always 5% regardless of his level. Besides, if he is unmotivated it adds 10%. From this we can see how vital it is to develop the Speed in the heroes.

The captured hero will not be able to be used, but will be kept in the prison until its owner pays an amount of gold demanded that will depend on its level, skills and magics it possesses. There is only one chance to negotiate, where the ransom price can be halved or doubled, a matter of taking a risk. Sometimes you have to think before trying to negotiate, because the price to pay is always much lower than buying a hero of similar level, who will surely come without skills, without victories and of course, without your troops!

We will be able to see at any time the heroes that we have captured in the section called Prison. From there we will have the possibility to free them or try to recruit them for our empire. Some races of heroes are easier or more difficult to convince. This process will require turns, resources and? A lot of luck! But if you manage to recruit him, you will have a new hero at your disposal with all his skills and most importantly, his victories will be added to your empire. The troops he possessed will disperse (disappear).

How to upgrade heroes

Basically, when you level up, instead of improving the characteristics (Attack, Defense, Damage, Speed, Morale, Life and Energy points), the hero is given a certain amount of Development points that you can invest in improving the characteristic that you consider more convenient. That is, you decide if you want a slower hero but with a lot of defense or a fast hero with a lot of damage. You can also improve the heroes if you are in a clan that casts many evoluciones. Here is the explanation of each characteristic:


  • ATAQUE_mini.png : The hero will be able to perform his normal attack to all those enemy troops that have equal or less defense than the hero in attack, so it will be important to increase this feature if we want the hero to damage all the troops he faces. It also applies to special abilities and magics.


  • DEFENSA_mini.png : Enemy troops will be able to damage your hero in combat if they have more attack points than the hero's defense points, so it will be important to increase this feature if we don't want our hero to be wounded in combat (read Wounds below).


  • DANO_mini.png : Influences directly the amount of troops that the hero eliminates in an attack within each round of combat.


  • VELOCIDAD_mini.png : The higher the speed score, the more rounds he will attack in combat. A hero with speed 20 will attack in practically every round.


  • MORAL_mini.png : In round 6 of each battle a morale check is always performed for all heroes in combat. If they fail it, they will not act in the rest of the combat. A hero with morale 20 is practically impossible to abandon the battle and fight to the end, if he has a good development in Speed.


  • VIDA_mini.png : These are the points of life that the hero resists before being wounded in combat. Each attack made by a certain troop will subtract a certain amount of health. If the health reaches zero, one to three wounds will be inflicted on your hero.


  • ENERGIA_mini.png : These are the points invested by Mages and Priests to cast magic, for example casting a level 2 spell spends 2 energy points. If your hero has 3 energy points, he will be able to cast level 3 spells. The more energy he has, the more spells he will cast in combat and of higher level and damage.


  • A hero who is left with 0 health points in combat by enemy troops attacks will be wounded. The amount of wounds obtained can vary from 1 to 3 and is determined according to the damage received in combat. The higher the damage, the higher the number of wounds. A wounded hero will not be able to attack or perform Quests, although he can still be attacked if he is left with more than 500 troop levels (unprotected). Every day that passes all heroes will heal 1 wound automatically. In addition, fame can be used in cities to heal wounds at a cost of 20 fame points per wound. Heroes with level lower than 4 can never be wounded in battle.

NOTE: You can improve any or all of these characteristics of your hero by buying him any of the mounts suitable for his level.

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