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Turns are among the most valuable resources in the game and are non-transferable. Most of the actions you perform in your empire will consume turns. Each day step (at 22:00 hours in Spain), the game grants 100 base turns, and additional turns depending on some factors of your empire's development.

Subtract turns

  • 0 turns = Race Dwarves can build at 0 turns (randomly) if you combine pacifism with certain buildings (mines, deposits, wells, forges, workshop, monuments, quarry, aqueduct, walls and moat) which normally cost 1 turn. Send private messages or circulars (clan), write to the Council (clan leader), exchange permissions (clan), exchange fame, help another empire (gold, resources or population), join a clan, leave a clan, buy magics (hero priests or mages), raise heroes' characteristics, check last attacks, exchange rubies for benefits, put one of the Wonders (clan) under construction, check espionage reports.
  • 1 turn = Move troops, attack in adventures, adventure espionage, trade a volume of 40,000 gold (28,000 with Dark Elves race and 100,000 with Humans), mount hero on a mount, random building construction in peaceful empires.
  • 2 turns = Construct a building [*], move a hero to another region, change defensive system, remove troops, create or update a trade route (clan), modify taxes in cities, develop policies.
  • 5 turns = Buy troops, perform a Quests, cast any magic (from clan), buy a mount.
  • 8 turns = Perform an attack in the same region where the hero is located.
  • 9 turns = Perform an attack in a region adjacent to the one where the hero is located.
  • 10 turns = Reconquest espionage, try to recruit a captured hero.
  • 20 turns = Found a city, buy a hero, receive a deformed dimension from an enemy clan.
  • 30 turns = Declare a war (clan).
  • 50 turns = Found a clan.

Sum of turns

  • 100 turns = Day pass, redeem 100 rubies.
  • 50 turns = Exchange 100 rubies for resources or gold. Exchange 300 fame points.
  • 20 turns = Throw a warped dimension (DDs) to a clan at war (clan)[**].
  • 1 turn = Every 20 buildings constructed in each city[***], every 10 hero victories.

[*] If you are in a clan that rules Leza region 4, building crops, wells, market and sawmill does not cost turns..

[**] In reality, you get 15 turns at launch, because launching the DDs takes 5 turns, but those launched by other clansmen give you 20 clean turns.

[***] If you are in a clan that rules the region 21 of Gaia you get 1 turn bonus for every 15 buildings instead of every 20. If your clan has built the Wonder Stairway of Destiny, it generates 15% more turns per day.


As we saw above, constructing a building in any city costs by default 2 turns.

If your empire is peaceful, you have the possibility to build randomly for 1 turn instead of 2. And if you are a Dwarf and Peaceful race, there is the possibility to build certain buildings without consuming turns.


One way to optimize the constructions to get the maximum number of turns, is trying to make the buildings in a city to be fair multiples of 20, since every 20 buildings constructed the system grants 1 additional turn.

This is especially useful when we have several cities. When entering each city over the total number of buildings we are presented with a building development bar like the following:


This city has 113 buildings (stars), so it grants 5 turns per day for the 100 buildings constructed, but the remaining 13 buildings fail to provide additional turns. As indicated by the green bar, 7 buildings are missing for the city to have 120 buildings (multiple of 20) and grant a sixth turn in that city.

Verify this detail in each of your cities and you will obtain additional advantages such as more homogeneous trade routes, better production and a higher score in the ranking.

Hero victories

Another way to receive additional turns is through the victories of our heroes. Every 10 victories gives 1 additional turn, so if our hero has 100 victories, we will surely have 10 more turns every day.


In the same way that in the constructions, in the section of our heroes we can find an informative "globe" that indicates us the amount of conquests that the hero possesses and his victories. But there is also a green bar indicating the number of additional turns and those possible to obtain if we scale the victories to the next multiple of 10.

In this example the hero has 140 victories and as it is a multiple of 10, he gets 14 additional turns. If he had 146 victories, he would still receive the 10 turns corresponding to the 140 victories until reaching 150 victories, where the system will grant 15 additional turns in each day step.

Note: If another empire captures a hero from us, until he is not recruited the victories, and therefore the turns awarded by his victories, still belong to our empire.

Warped dimensions

If your empire is in a clan and the clan is in war with another clan and, moreover, in magic range, it is allowed to make use of certain Global magic. One of them, the Deformed dimension consists of taking 20 turns from the enemy and adding 20 turns to each of the empires of our clan.

This tool is extremely powerful in two ways: firstly, if you cast several Deformed Dimensions (DDs), you can leave the enemy without turns and secondly, it grants enough turns to the empires of your clan, so you can continue attacking the enemy without him being able to respond or even accommodate his defenses.

What if we don't have turns?

If your empire has no turns and they throw us a DDs, the enemy empire that launches gets 20 turns and, additionally, 20 turns for each of their clan mates while ours is not subtracted anything, it remains at zero.

There is an important detail regarding this event and it is that it cannot take away the turns that have not yet been generated. This means that, if as soon as the day passes a clan at war throws 20 DDs at us, it will get 400 turns and our empire will be subtracted the same turns (if any) or else it will remain at zero. However, if our connection to the game results after the launch event, the system automatically assigns the 100 base turns of the day plus the additional ones for the development of your empire (constructions and heroes victories).

How to respond to a DD launch?

Magic wars are very stressful and fun. Normally the launches are made after 1 or 2 hours after the passing of the day, in order to finish with the turns saved of the enemy empire but also with the turns generated. In that case we will not be able to respond since launching a DDs requires 5 turns and we don't have them.

In these cases it is always good to have 100 rubies in reserve, so that you can exchange them for turns or for gold and turns. At that moment who exchanges gets turns and can return the DDs, at the same time giving 20 turns to each partner who can also throw and try to recover the "stolen" turns. You have to be very attentive because the enemy can respond with more DDs depending on the karma they have in their reserves, or go out of the range of magics.

Turns to close the game.

In organized clans during the last 48 hours of the game it is usual to agree with allies something called sizing.

It is simply a prearranged launching of deformed dimensions where the target clan is already warned in advance to consume all its turns before the launching. Normally this operation is performed as soon as the day passes, so that the target clan can receive its normal number of turns after the launch.

At the moment of sizing both clans must be with a score no less than 50% difference (magic rank), the alliance (if any) is removed and the massive launching of DDs proceeds.

In these events it is normal to receive between 5,000 and 10,000 turns to each empire, depending on the game and the accumulated karma, which will surely serve to make a better closing achieving better positions in the rankings.


In the previous example 246 DDs were launched obtaining 4,920 turns for each empire of the clan.

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