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Wonders are structures that can be built between a whole clan and therefore once in operation they will bring benefits to all the empires of the clan.


The leader of each clan can start the construction of one of the wonders. Each empire of the clan must contribute resources and population (which varies according to the type of wonder). All empires must contribute the same amount of resources and population.

Each clan must contribute the resources indicated below. These are indicated for each empire and are multiplied by the number of empires that the clan for each game admits. If a wonder requires 1,000,000 gold per empire, in case of playing in Fantasy (maximum 3 empires) 3,000,000 gold will be needed to complete the wonder. If the clan has only 2 players, the contribution of each empire will be adjusted to the total needed (1,500,000 gold each), with each empire having to contribute more resources and population than normal.

The number of days indicated is the time it takes for the wonder to be built from the next day step after all the required resources have been completed. The countdown of these days will start when all the resources of the wonder are complete, i.e. all the empires have completed their quota of resources and population. If during the course of these days a member leaves the clan, their resources will be lost, the resources needed to complete it will be recalculated and the wonder will stop its construction, until it has 100% of the resources again. The countdown moves as the day passes in the game. Likewise, if during the construction of a wonder a new member joins the clan, the wonder will stop, the proportional part will be returned to each empire and the construction count will only continue until the new member contributes its quota and from the next day passing.

The population that is contributed to a wonder is done from all the cities of the empire at the same time, so, if it is necessary to contribute 15,000 inhabitants for the wonder and you have 15 cities exactly identical in population (hypothetical case), 1,000 population will be subtracted from each city. If you have fewer cities, more population will be subtracted from each city in proportion to the amount of population each city has. That is why it is a good strategy to start the construction of the wonder when you have several cities.

Keep in mind that at the beginning of the game the cities have less population, however they grow much more each day, so it can be a good strategy to start building a wonder as soon as the clan is created, so that the member empires can choose to contribute population before the other resources and recover more quickly thanks to the population growth in each step after having contributed to the wonder.

Up to 2 wonders can be built per clan. One wonder will be the main one and will be working at 100%, the second one at 50% (except for the Mysterious Portal which always works at 100%). If for example the Stairway of Destiny wonder gives15% of turns and8% of resources, if it is as secondary (i.e. operating at 50%), it would give7.5% of turns and4% of resources in each day step. The main and secondary wonder can be changed by the clan leader as many times as desired without restriction and the change will be effective at the end of the day. In the clan panel you can see publicly by any empire the wonders that a clan has built (and their order), but not during their construction.


  • Each clan can have a maximum of two wonders, the first one will work at 100% and the second one at 50%.
  • A clan can only have the same wonder 1 time.
  • If an empire leaves during the construction the resources it has contributed are lost and the wonder stops its construction.

List of wonders


Stairway of destiny

15% of turns 8% of resources (except Mana, Karma and Gold)

GOLD 1.500.000

STONE 75.000

TOOLS 30.000

WATER 75.000




Colonization School

-20% of the founding cost (Gold and resources),10% initial population in the cities (maximum from 50.000 to 65.000 inhabitants)

GOLD 3.000.000

FOOD 250,000

TOOLS 35.000

WOOD 90.000




Great trading port

Gold by trade routes increases25%.

GOLD 3,500,000

TOOLS 4.500.000

WOOD 120.000

BOARDS 60.000

BLOCKS 62,500




Siege machine

10% attack troops and2% conquest (only when morale is less than 100%). GOLD 2,250,000

IRON 45.000

BOARDS 40.000

WEAPONS 20.000




Colossus statue

Cities produce25% fame (does not apply to fame attacks received).

GOLD 3,000,000

STONE 155.000

RELICS 8.500

GEMS 17.000





Mysterious portal

The exchange of fame for special troops gives50% of troops.

GOLD 1.500.000

STONE 110.000

MITHRIL 15.000





Temple of life

15% population and 10% in extra troops to buy

GOLD 2.500.000

FOOD 200.000

WEAPONS 20.000

STONE 75.000



NOTE 1: Once the days required for each marvel have elapsed, you must wait for the next day step for the marvel to start working.

NOTE 2: Once the wonder is working, the empires can leave the clan or join new ones. New members will be able to enjoy the benefit of the wonder even if they have not contributed resources.

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