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Each empire has 19 different resources.

Turns Iron Tools Weapons
Mana Stone Blocks
Karma Wood Boards
Gold Mithril Relics
Food Silver Jewelry
Aqua Gems Crystal

Produce resources

All cities generate resources every day, for this purpose different buildings are constructed, such as Mines that produce Iron, Gold or Silver, Crops that generate Food, etc. There are manufactured products that can only be produced from the raw materials they come from. For example, it is useless to build the Iron Forge building with 3 stars, if the Iron Mine has only 1 star of development. In the resource production panel of each city, black arrows indicate which raw materials produce other resources.

  • The resources and turns are generated after the passing of the day at 22hs (Spain) in each of the cities depending on the buildings that have been built (Mines, Sawmill, Crops, etc.) unless the city is affected by some adversity. There are other ways to get resources such as sending heroes to perform Quests, which if successfully completed, will earn Gold and Resources. Good investment of resources and turns in new buildings, founding cities, attacking other cities, increasing political aspects, etc., will lead your empire to success.

  • The arrow (flechita.gif) indicates that a city cannot produce more resources than its raw material, e.g. more boards than wood.

(*) All resources have a nominal value which is considered by the game when calculating your score. In the Trade section, you can buy or sell resources. Take into account these prices to find out if they are cheap or expensive in that day's trade and determine if it is necessary to sell or buy. Every day the prices change. Note that Mana and Karma cannot be traded..

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