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Trade in Empire Strike is used to buy and sell resources depending on the need and the use you want to make of them. If you need to raise some kind of building and your city cannot generate it in the necessary amount, you will have to sell some other that you don't use or spend part of your gold to obtain it by buying it.

The trade changes its prices every day, so it is better to buy resources at reasonable prices, because you might buy something that the next day is half the price, wasting a lot of gold.

Trade values

As prices change every day (although not necessarily all prices will change, some will) it is convenient to have an idea of how much prices can fluctuate and at what prices it is convenient to buy one resource or another. Trade is a source of gold and even value for our empire, if you know how to use it correctly.

Each resource has its nominal value, that is, the value at which the game takes it internally, a minimum and a maximum. Then the same resource can vary downwards or upwards (market oscillation).

We can control the trade using the following table of market swing values of each resource:

Oscillation of values

RESOURCE VALUE used to calculate your IMPERIOUS VALUE MINIMUM value at which you can BUY MAXIMUM value at which you can SELL
icon_karma.png Karma 15 - -
icon_mana.png Mana 15 - -
icon_alimentos.png Food 3 3 3
icon_agua.png Water 3 3 3
icon_hierro.png Iron 13 8 10
icon_herramientas.png Tools 20 15 21
icon_armas.png Weapons 30 20 28
icon_piedra.png Stones 8 6 8
icon_bloques.png Blocks 14 10 12
icon_madera.png Wood 7 5 6
icon_tablas.png Tables 14 10 12
icon_mithril.png Mithril 30 20 28
icon_cristal.png Crystal 37 25 37
icon_plata.png Silver 20 15 21
icon_reliquias.png Relics 60 40 60
icon_gemas.png Gems 30 20 28
icon_joyas.png Jewels 37 25 37

Note 1: Resources shaded with color indicate that their maximum sale value exceeds their face value, i.e. the value used internally by the game.

Note 2: Trading costs turns. Every 40,000 (or less) of gold volume you move in trade, 1 turn will be subtracted, except for the Human race whose volume is 100,000 and the Dark Elves who have the most expensive trade, i.e. a volume of 28,000 for each turn invested.

Trade value increase?

Trading takes, in large quantities, many turns. There are many people who believe that trade cannot increase the value of an empire. This is incorrect. What is correct is that it is not so easy to achieve. To use trade wisely and if possible to obtain Gold (a very necessary resource) and at the same time not decrease but, better yet, increase the value of our empire we must not only take into account these minimum and maximum values of trade, but also the nominal value of each resource for conversion to gold used in the calculation of the value of the empire.

That's right, there are resources that can be purchased at lower prices than the one the game uses to calculate the value and therefore just by the fact of buying them you gain value in points. For example, we know that Iron is nominally valued in the game at 13. Well, when you see it at 8 in the Trade, it will be a good opportunity to buy and gain points, since there is a difference of almost 62% compared to its nominal value.

Example of trade

Let's assume that we have 3,125.000 Gold, this represents about 125 empire points (25.000 Gold = 1 point).

That day, in Trade, Iron is at 8 for purchase, so we invest 1.000.000 Gold buying Iron, thus obtaining 125.000 units of Iron.

As 1.000.000 of Gold are gone, we lost 40 empire points.

By acquiring 125.000 of Iron, knowing that the game takes it at 13 (nominal value) then it represents, in its conversion, 1.625.000 in gold, that is 65 points.

At the end, in this transaction, we lost 40 points in Trade (Gold gone) but we gained 65 points by buying cheap Iron, which leaves us a positive balance of 25 points.

Note: Keep in mind that the higher the volume of trade, the more points you will be able to obtain. It is also interesting to sell resources at the maximum value, and buy at the minimum value (trading) so that you can further increase the points obtained. Think also about the turns you are going to invest in the transaction, some races are not as profitable in turns to trade. Use Trade as an additional extension of your strategy to grow your empire!

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