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Magics are exclusive clan tools. They are used to grant certain benefits to our clan and detriments to the rival clan. For you to be able to cast magics you need:

1) That you belong to a clan.

2) That you have Karma, Mana or both reserves.

3) That you have a hero Priest, Mage or both (of specific levels).

4) That your clan has a declared war with other clan/s.

5) That your clan is in "Magics range" with the enemy clan.

The magics cast benefit or affect all the empires of the target clan with the exception of mana magics on the Dwarves race which, as they cannot have Mage heroes, cannot cast mana nor are they affected by the mana casting of their enemies.

Mana magics

magia1.gif Armageddon

  • Necessary: Mage level 20 (or higher)
  • Cost: 200.000 icon_mana.gif
  • Effect: Eliminates between 1 and 3 points to between 4 and 6 buildings approximately, 10% of population and 15% of troops in all the cities and heroes of the enemy.

magia2.gif Meteorite

  • Necessary: Mage level 16 (or higher).
  • Cost: 80.000 icon_mana.gif
  • Effect: Destroy between 1 and 2 points to between 2 and 4 buildings approximately in all cities.

magia3.gif Decay

  • Needed: Mage level 14 (or higher)
  • Cost: 60.000 icon_mana.gif
  • Effect: Eliminates 3% of troops and 2% of population in all cities and heroes of the enemy.

magia4.gif Suffering of the heroes

  • Needed: Mage level 9 (or higher)
  • Cost: 40.000 icon_mana.gif
  • Effect: Heroes lose between 1% and 5% of some of their characteristics. There is a 50% chance they will lose 10% of experience, there is a 25% chance they will lose a special ability and they always lose between 2 and 4 learned magics (if any).

magia5.gif Evolution

  • Necessary: Mage level 6 (or higher)
  • Cost: 30.000 icon_mana.gif
  • Effect: Heroes gain 1% of their experience. To level up they need to attack or do Quests. Can only be cast on your own clan.

=Karma magics=.

magia11.gif Fading

  • Necessary: Priest level 20 (or higher).
  • Cost: 50.000 icon_karma.gif
  • Effect: 2 resources are chosen at random except Mana, Karma and Gold, and completely remove them from the empires of the chosen clan (that has war installed).

magia12.gif Betrayal

  • Necessary: Priest level 15 (or higher)
  • Cost: 40.000 icon_karma.gif
  • Effect: Eliminates 3% of troops of all heroes and cities.

magia13.gif Warped Dimension

  • Necessary: Priest level 12 (or higher)
  • Cost: 20.000 icon_karma.gif
  • Effect: Steal 20 turns from all empires of the chosen clan and add 20 turns to all empires of your clan.

magia14.gif Forget memories

  • Necessary: Priest level 8 (or higher)
  • Cost: 15.000 icon_karma.gif
  • Effect: Erases the enemy information about last attacks (made and received) and also his espionage reports, except for the regions.

magia15.gif Transmutation

  • Necessary: Priest level 6 (or higher).
  • Cost: 15.000 icon_karma.gif
  • Effect: Generates an amount between 60.000 and 80.000 Gold for each empire of your own clan.

Range of magics

Global magics that are not "evolutions" or "transmutations", can only be sent to another clan in war that possesses a value up to 100% higher and 50% lower than ours. This is called Rank of magics. The value of the clan is calculated at the moment of declaring war to the enemy clan, a data with which clan leaders usually speculate by taking out and putting in clan empires to vary the value of the clan, entering or leaving that range of magics as needed.

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