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What is a clan?

Basically a clan is an association of several empires, they have their own message board (forum), they can make trade routes between their cities, help each other (pass population, gold, etc.), rule regions, cast global magics, and much more. Clans can also declare war or sign alliances with each other. When you join a clan, the acronym of the clan is associated to the end of your empire name, in order to prove your clan membership and to distinguish you from other players who join other clans. If you make a request to join an existing clan, you will be under the orders of a leader whose requirements you must respect and follow.

You can also create your own clan and be the leader. You will have to invite other players without a clan to apply to join your clan.

Create a clan

It costs 200,000 gold and 50 turns; only empires with 300* value points or more can create a clan; it is assigned a name and a 3-letter acronym. The empire that creates the clan will be considered the leader, and can change the image, description, accept request for new members, expel members, sign/cancel alliances and wars.

* The value taken into account to create a clan is the total value of the empire except hero victories.

Join a Clan

Those who do not wish or cannot found a clan, can join a clan already created by another empire by paying 30,000 gold, although this amount does not go to the clan leader, it is simply spent. Once in a clan, you can leave it as long as you have less than 2,500 points or the leader can expel you if he thinks it is convenient (whatever your score is). If the clan is open, it is not necessary to pay to join. This will depend on the configuration given by the leader when creating the clan. You will be able to join and leave whenever you want, as long as your empire is exempted from the entry limitation.

Limitations when joining and leaving a clan

An empire that exceeds 2,500 points in value cannot be included in a clan, likewise one that exceeds 3,000 points cannot leave it, however its leader can expel it. This is done to avoid that just days before the end of a game, the clan ranking can be unbalanced by the simple fact of including several powerful empires. After 1 month from the beginning of a game the leaders cannot dissolve their clans, although they can expel all their empires and keep only the leader.

Reserving a clan

At the end of each game, the leaders of the 10 best clans will have the possibility to reserve them with a password, so that no one can use their acronym or name in any other game without their consent. These clans are also known as "Official clans".

Administration of a clan

The clan offers us several advantages, the possibility of organizing ourselves, the possibility of creating trade routes (either between our cities or between cities of different empires), the possibility of declaring wars or creating alliances, and the possibility of dominating a region obtaining additional bonuses for all the empires that make up the clan.

Every clan is always led by an empire, this is the "only position" available and assigned by the game in principle to the creator of the clan, although later it is possible to "cede the leadership" to another empire. In reality there are different positions that are assigned by the players themselves. The two most commonly assigned positions are "sub-leader" and "diplomat". Although the game itself does not recognize them as such and they are not given specific permissions for their position, the clan leader can grant them permissions, such as the possibility of accepting or rejecting empires, the possibility of changing the clan description, the possibility of declaring wars or accepting and proposing alliances, among others. The diplomat for example, will be that empire in charge of relations between clans, establishing alliances or common strategies to attack an enemy.

Powers of the leader

The leader is the person who represents the clan, the person who guides the clan, he has a great responsibility because of it. He has powers that the other empire members of his clan do not possess. The main power is the power to write in the Council and this is the only power that cannot be passed on to another member of the clan. But there are other powers that can be assigned, these are known as permissions, these are: Change logo and description, Accept/Reject empires, Assign/Reject alliances, Declare Wars, Send Circulars. The leader also has 3 other possibilities that cannot be passed on: The possibility of giving up the leadership, the possibility of dissolving the clan or the possibility of silencing an empire in the clan forum.

Options of the "Clans" panel

  • Your clan: in this option you can see a summary of the status of your clan, you can see: the image of your clan, its description, the clan ranking, your alliances and wars, the members of your clan, the forum of your clan, the messages that are sent to your clan from other empires or clans, the magics that you cast or that are cast on you, among other things.
  • Clan Forum: is the main means of communication between the empires of a clan, where they share ideas, strategies, sieges, and everything that the empires wish to share with their other companions.
  • The Council: To see the messages of the first 20 leaders of the game and the development of the main wars.
  • Diplomacy: any great clan is not such if it does not have the right alliances, in this option you will be able to declare wars, accept, reject or propose alliances, and see the clans that have attacked your clan and the clans that your clan has attacked and how many times it has done so in order to be able to make decisions.
  • Wonders: in this section you will be able to see the benefits and costs of building a wonder. If you are not a clan leader, you will only be able to see the list. Only the clan leader can initiate the construction.
  • Global Magics: in this section you will be able to select magics to cast, as long as you have a priest or mage of the appropriate level and the necessary resources.
  • Map/Governments: perhaps the main purpose of a clan is to reach the government of a region, in this option you will see the map of the Empire-Strike world, divided into their respective regions, each region will be governed by a single clan (in case there is a clan formed in that region).
  • Help clan: here you will be able to help the other empires of your clan, under two conditions: the empire you are going to help must have less real value than your empire and the empire you are helping must have more than 500 of value. You can help in three ways, sending population, sending gold, or sending resources.
  • Reports: here are shown the reports of espionage shared by the members of your clan. It is used to track attacked cities.
  • Conquests: in this option you can see the conquests that your clan has made, the conquests that have been made to your clan and the captures that have been made or have been made to heroes of your clan.
  • Clan ranking: here you can see the ranking of your clan, compared to the other clans in the game, the value of the clan is deduced from the sum of the value of each empire that makes up the clan, the more value your clan has the closer it will be to the top.

Other advantages of belonging to a clan

There are two additional advantages: the possibility of creating trade routes between the cities of your empire (increasing the daily gold) and the possibility of launching global magics to your own clan or to another clan that you have installed a war.

In addition, you can share sieges, experiences and opinions in the private forum. If your clan rules a region, the bonus it grants applies to all the empires belonging to the ruling clan.

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