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To defend a city against an enemy attack you have 5 types of defensive systems, in which your troops will act differently in each one. No system is superior to another, they all have different uses for different circumstances that may occur in the game, and to get the most out of the different troops you have.

Some may be useful early in the game and others late in the game. You also have to take into account the different attributes of your troops to get the most out of the chosen system and maximize the defense of the city.

Keep in mind that all battles take place over 10 rounds.

Table of defensive systems
Normal.jpgNormal: Troops keep their values unchanged throughout the battle. Default system.
Ultra-Defensivo.jpgUltra-Defensive: Troops gain 15% on everything from round 1 and lose -35% from round 5.
Lucha-Exterior.jpgFighting-Outland: Troops gain 6% on everything from round 1 and lose -20% from round 7.
Contraofensiva.jpgCounteroffensive: Troops lose -15% on everything from round 3 and gain 42% from round 6.
Emboscada.jpgAmbush: Troops lose -10% on everything from round 1 and gain 50% from round 7 onwards.


  • If we decide to use Ultra-Defensive and we have more than 4 types of troops in the city, there will be one or more that will have a 35% drop in all their qualities. It is not convenient this type of defense to more than 4 types of troops.
  • Idem to the above for Outer-Fight but for 6 different types of troops. The seventh troop onwards would be affected with a 20% loss and maybe if it was a bait (at 5% or 6%) it would not affect the battle so much, but a strong troop would greatly lower its performance and drastically affect the final result of the battle.
  • Using Counteroffensive with less than 6 troop types... is suicide or giving the enemy an advantage.
  • The most used by veterans will probably be the first three types of Systems. At the beginning of the game, as we have few troop levels, it will be very appropriate to set up the Ultra-defensive system in our cities.
  • Remember that Types of land, defensive buildings and some Policies increase the qualities of the troops, in this game everything is taken into account!

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