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Who governs each region?

The regions of which the map is composed will be governed each one by the clan that has more population among all the cities it has in that region; in case of a tie in population, which is very rare, whoever has more cities in will govern the region.

The governments are calculated in each day step, before any other calculation, so the clans will rule for full days. The calculation is prioritized because in case of a change of ruler it is required to calculate the region bonuses to the new clan.

Advantages of ruling a region

The advantages of ruling a region vary according to the map and the regions, some give bonus to the growth of the cities, others generate more than a certain resource, others offer more protection, etc. The complete list can be seen once inside the game in the section corresponding to each map. In addition, the clan can perform a "Region espionage" in the regions it rules, being able to extract information about cities and heroes in great detail and it never fails like other types of Espionage. For detailed information on bonuses, see Gaia or Leza.

If you rule a production region, for example, it will be the clan leader's task to pressure the empires to develop as much as possible the buildings related to that resource in order to take full advantage of the region bonus, as would be the case of putting Sawmills in region 12 of Gaia.

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