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Fame points

Fame points are something very precious in the game, it is a kind of "wild card" with which we can expand our strategy and enhance our empire. They can only be obtained in the cities in the following ways:

1) For each city in your empire, the game grants 1 fame point daily (credited in the city itself at each day step).

2) The Monuments building, awards 1 fame point for each star developed, up to a maximum of 10 points.

3) Some Policies grant up to 10 fame points daily (depending on their state of development and only applicable to some races1).

4) Every 40 buildings in a city, the game grants 1 additional daily fame point.

5) Being a Pacific empire grants you a 20% fame bonus in all your cities2. For example, if you produced 28, you now produce 33 (whole without rounding).

6) Defense gained (by attack received) grants 5 fame points in the attacked city.

7) Some region domination bonuses grant an extra percentage of fame to your cities (if your clan dominates it)3.

8) Building the "Colossus Statue" Wonder, gives 25% fame in all cities for all clan empires (not applicable to incoming attacks).

( 1 ) Except for Elves and Humans, the other races have a fame policy. In the case of Dwarves, it is called Architecture, for the others it is called Tortures. (See Policies)

( 2 ) Except for the Dark Elves, all races can obtain the benefit of pacifism by keeping their war rate below 15%, which implies moderating the attacks made each day.

( 3 ) You can obtain an additional 50% fame (Fame x1.5) in regions 6 of Gaia and 16 of Leza. To do so, you must belong to a clan and dominate that region. Logically, your cities must be in that region to get the fame bonus. It also affects the incoming attacks you win.

Each city shows an accumulated fame total and in brackets its daily production (for each day step) given by the above mentioned points. For example if 27 fame is displayed, it could be broken down as follows: (1 point for City 10 points Monuments 5 points for number of Buildings 7 points for policy development Architecture) x Peaceful Bonus = (1 10 5 7) x 1.2 = 27.6 , rounded down would be = 27. The points for buildings are also rounded down, in this case we assume that you have 208 buildings, then 208/40 = 5.2 so you get 5 points. It should be noted that, if a city is under adversity, it will not add fame to the day step and will show ( 0).

Using fame

Each city will have its own fame points that are not interchangeable between cities. They can only be exchanged for different options depending on the strategy to follow in the game or the needs of the empire at a given time.

Clicking on the Fame value in your city will open a page with the different options as shown in the table below. After selecting the desired option, click on the Redeem Fame button and the Fame will be subtracted from your city granting the selected benefit. Some of the available options may change depending on the race we use.

General's speech discurso_del_general.jpg 40 fame pointsIncreases city morale by 50% (max 100%)
Immigration inmigracion.jpg 30 fame pointsIncreases the population by a certain number. The higher the population of the city, the lower the increase due to immigration.
Special troops tropas_especiales.jpg150 fame points for Elves, 200 fame points for other races.Grants the player approximately 6000 levels of a random but high level troop. The level of the troop will depend on the starting day4
Economic treaty tratado_economico.jpg 30 fame pointsGrants a certain amount of gold. The amount depends on the current value of the empire.5
Merchants mercaderes.jpg 30 fame pointsYour empire gets a resource. The amount of the resource obtained is the amount that would be obtained from spending the gold from an Economic Treaty to buy the resource at that day's trade prices.
Heal hero sanar_heroe.jpgrequirements: 20 fame points, have a wounded heroHeals a wound of the hero, saving the player from having to wait for the next day step.
Prosperity prosperidad.jpg300 fame points Your empire gains 50 additional turns.
Recruitment reclutamiento.jpg60 fame pointsGrants the player approximately 2000 troop levels up to level 9.
City on Alert ciudad_en_alerta.jpg 80 fame pointsGives the city protection for 24 hours (no one can attack it).
Remove adversity quitar_adversidad.jpg60 fame pointsRemoves any adversity, either by low status, Dark Elf or Undead attacks, as well as the random Earthquake and Flood.
Demonic Portal portal_demoniaco.jpgBe Undead, the city has 50,000 population or more, 150 fame points.Grants between 4 and 6 Soul Devourers of level 45.

Note: The "Remove adversity" option may be grayed out (disabled) for any city that is not under adversity. The same happens for "General's Speech" in case the city is at 100% morale.

( 4 ) Special troops are awarded randomly according to the day of departure, according to the following table:

Starting dayTroop levels
01 - 10Troops between N10 and N12
11 - 15Troops between N10, N12 and N14
16 - 20 Troops between N12, N14 and N16
21 - 25Troops between N14, N16 and N18
26 - 32Troops between N16, N18 and N20
33 - 38Troops between N16, N18, N20 and N22
39 - 44Troops between N18, N20, N22 and N24
45 - endTroops between N20, N22, N24 and N26

( 5 ) The gold awarded by the Economic Treaty is calculated as follows: 50,000 (base value) (10 gold per Current Empire Value, up to a maximum value of 10,000 points). The maximum then that an Economic Treaty grants is 150,000 gold when your empire exceeds 10,000 points. Examples:

Current Empire ValueGold per Economic Treaty


  • Don't exhaust the fame in your best cities. You never know when they may fall to some random adversity, or lose to an attack. Always keep a base of 60 points in each city.
  • Redeeming fame as soon as you have it is not convenient either, unless it is necessary.
  • It is necessary to think well before investing it, since it can only be obtained by saving what it grants each day (unlike any resource that there is always the possibility of buying it, except Karma and Mana) or by received attacks won.
  • It is convenient to have more than 80 fame to put the cities on Alert the last day and avoid surprises at the end of the game.
  • Do not use your fame just because you have it, you never know when a war may come and you really need it to raise the morale of your cities.
  • Keep in mind that the ruling clans of regions can spy on the region and know how much fame your cities have (if they are in that region).
  • If at the end of the game you accumulate a lot of fame, you can exchange it for Economic Treaty in order to get enough gold to buy low level troops in all your cities and increase the points of your empire.
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