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Pacific / War

There are two game modes that will depend on the attacks you make on other empires. You can be peaceful, warlike or use a combination of both during the game.

The game contemplates a warlike index (IB) that is controlled according to the attacks made and magics cast (if you are in clan). Except for the Dark elves race, all empires start the game with a war index of zero. As they attack other empires, their IB increases by 3% for each attack, although this value decreases the higher the war index you have. Each day that passes, the war index decreases -10% (see below "exact formula"), giving the possibility to perform more attacks while keeping a low IB. Dark Elves are a warlike race, therefore they start with a war index of 20% and never go below that value, which is why they can never be peaceful.

When an empire has at least 500 points and its war index is less than 15%, it automatically acquires the "Peaceful" mode which is indicated on the screen with a symbol icon_paz.gif. Being a peaceful empire has its benefits, namely:

  • -4% to conquer cities (minimum is always 0.5%).
  • Increased population growth by 5% in all cities (not affected by adversity).
  • Increase of 20% in the Fame production of the cities.
  • Randomly, the cost of building is reduced to one turn per building..
  • Bonus of 20% in the production of gold in the cities..
  • Founding cities costs -20% gold and gets 50% initial population, up to a maximum of 50,000 inhabitants (65,000 if the Wonder "School of Colonization" has been built).

Belonging to a clan, having installed an official war, it should be noted that the casting of offensive magics also increases the war index by 5% for each magic cast.

Maintain the warfare index below 15%

It was mentioned above that the base coefficient to increase the war index is 3% for attacks and 5% for magics. Also that it decreases by -10% with each passing day. These coefficients become lower as you have a higher IB. That is to say, an empire with an IB=0% attacks and it goes up to 3%, but if it has 60% it attacks and it goes up to 61.2%. Each day that passes, all the IBs are reduced in the same way, a maximum of 10% for empires with very little war index and decreasing for higher indexes. Following the same example as before, an empire with 60% at the end of the day is reduced to 56%.

In short, empires wishing to remain peaceful will not be able to attack more than 3 or 4 times a day.

Since the war index is one of the first variables to be calculated at the end of the day, it is important to take into account that having reached 22.7% IB, after the end of the day it is safe to return to obtain the benefits of pacifism, however the IB will remain so high that it will no longer be possible to attack without escaping from pacifism, at least until the next end of the day. Just keep in mind that, as long as the IB value is higher than 15% you will not have the benefit of the -4% to the conquest, nor the discount of turns when building, nor when founding cities.

The exact formula for calculating the increase of IB per attack is: 0.03*(100 - current IB)

The exact formula for calculating the increase of IB by offensive magic is: 0.05*(100 - current IB)

The exact formula of calculation of IB reduction by passing of the day is: 0.1*(100 - current IB)

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